Alexandre Zerbe


Alexandre Zerbé was born in Montréal in 1974.

Zerbé paints and draws everyday. Inspired by photographs he takes of his own city or from the ones he travels to, Zerbé chooses surprising viewpoints rather than the obviously traditional scenes. He is interested in the geometry of the urban landscape, the vertical and horizontal intersections of lines that make up a modern city.

Whether the subject is a person, a room’s interior or a cityscape, every part of the composition demands your attention at once. Your gaze moves across the image, settling nowhere. In a view through a window, the chimney tops, telephone wires and balconies all seem equally meaningful, and the experience of registering all of the information at once is akin to physically being in the scene.

Zerbé’s technique is stylized: he usually sketches compositions before beginning to paint, mindful not to “over-finish” a piece as he wants the liveliness of the sketch to remain visible. His purposely discernable brushstrokes, boldly unpredictable color choices like bright red skies, the black contour lines adopted from the essence of drawing, and the calligraphy of his signature are all markers of his singular style.

1997 Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montréal, QC
1994 Minor in Art History, University of Montréal, Montréal, QC

2011 The Village Gallery, Mississauga, ON (solo exhibition)
CNAG Gallery Cynthia Nouhra, Beirut, Lebanon (group exhibition)
2010 Urban Perspectives, Galerie SOTA, Toronto (group exhibition)
2009 ANIMAS, Galerie du Viaduc, Montréal (group exhibition)
2008 A Vibrant View, Keystone Gallery, Calgary, Canada
Espace La Voûte, Montréal
2007 Consulat Général de France à Montréal, QC (solo exhibition)
2006 Petits formats, Galerie Diane Lefrançois, Quebec, Canada
Nocturnes, Romolo, Montréal, Canada
2005 The Green Room, Montréal, Canada (duo exhibition)
Natures mortes et autres natures, Pavillon des arts, Ste-Adèle, QC (solo exhibition)
Collectif imprévu, Sablo, Montréal (group show)
2004 Éthersections, solo show, O Patro Vys, Montréal
Trois fois Trois, Célina, Paris, FR (group exhibition)
2003 Le Petit Alep, Montréal, Canada (solo exhibition)


Joints Home Accent and Custom Framing, Calgary, Canada (group exhibition)
Espace Parcours, Montréal, Canada (solo exhibition)
2000 Conception and realization of many murals for a video-clip of the group MUZION, SOMA productions
Group exhibition, Galerie Entre-Cadre, Montréal, Canada
1997-99 Works in 2-D animation for Astral Tech and later for TouTenKartoon, Montréal, Canada
1998 Solo exhibition, Le Sarah Bernhardt Restaurant, Montréal, Canada
Commission of canvases for a TV commercial of Molson Dry, La fabrique d’images Productions, Montréal, Canada
1997 Group exhibition, Galerie communautaire ISART, Montréal, Canada
Member of a jury for a Visual Arts competition, Maison des Jeunes.
1996 Live painting, within the context of the New Cinema Festival, Montréal, Canada
Assistant-decorator on a full-length film, Oneira productions, Montréal/Los Angeles
Realization of a mural for theatre decor, Centre Strathearn, Montréal, Canada
1995 Cover page illustration of the book La Couleur du Mandat by Adrian Popovici, Éditions Thémis
1994 Solo exhibition, Café Nostalgie, Montréal, Canada

His works are part of many private collections throughout Canada, the United States and France.