Eduard Gurevich


Eduard was born in 1969 in Ukraine. He immigrated to Canada in 1992 and settled in Toronto where he currently lives with his wife and two children. Since 1993, Eduard has run a home-based art studio where he creates his own art and instructs aspiring artists of all ages. His educational background consists of a BFA from the University of the city of Lvov (Ukraine) and a diploma in illustration from Sheridan College (Canada).


Discovering Canada’s great wealth of natural splendor has stimulated my interest of painting landscapes, which is presently becoming the most prominent theme in my work. Capturing my personal thoughts and feelings along with the beauty in front of my eyes is the most important aspect to me. Many of my clients HAVE mentioned that my work reminds them of stained glass. I often outline images in my work in thin dark lines. To me, it is one of the final steps in which I try to elevate the energy of the entire piece. Outlined, the colors become brisk and vibrant, the shapes gain a deeper personality.

Painting for me is the process in which some of my thoughts get a chance to become visible, a continues journey of self-discovery and self-expression. My paintings are experimental as I strive to best represent a thought or a feeling that I am living through. Using mixed media I constantly try new techniques rather than remain stagnant in one place. My life’s works represent both, change in technique and subject matter. My art is a journey in which I hope to find answers to some of the life’s most difficult and universal questions.

1997 Interpretive Illustration, Diploma of Applied Arts. Sheridan College, Oakville, Canada
1991 BFA, Bachelor of Applied Arts. Polytechnic University of Lvov, Ukraine
1987 Post-Graduate Certificate in Fine Arts. Mukachevo School of Fine Arts, Ukraine

2012 Gallery On The Lake
2010 Gallery 533 Solo Art Exhibition “From One Man to Another”
1997 Manulife Centre Solo Personal Art Show sponsored by Carrot Magazine. Toronto
1995 Solo Personal Show in “Joe DiMaggio’s Wet Paint Café”. Toronto, Canada
Solo Personal Show in Russian Canadian Private Club. Toronto, Canada

2014 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibitions (upcoming)
McMichael Annual Art Show (upcoming)
2011 Wasaga Beach Group Art Show, Ontario
Solo Art Exhibition at The Gallery on the Lake-Buckhorn, Ontario
Toronto Art Expo Annual Exhibition. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
New York Art Expo Annual Exhibition. New York, U.S.A.
The Artist Project, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Canada.
2010 McMichael Autumn Art Sale, Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada
“Jeremy Bortz and Friends Exhibition”, Rotary Club, Toronto
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, Nathan Philips Square
New York Art Expo Annual Exhibition. New York, U.S.A.
Toronto Art Expo Annual Exhibition. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2009 Group Art Exhibition, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Group Exhibition “Color is My Day”, Distillery District, Arta Gallery
Cobourg Waterfront Juried Art Festival. Cobourg, Ontario, Canada
New York Art Expo Annual Exhibition. New York, U.S.A.
Toronto Art Expo Annual Exhibition. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2008 Toronto Art Expo Annual Exhibition. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2006 Espanola Triathlon Fund Raising Juried Art Show. Espanola, Ontario, Canada
2005 First Transkarpatian Art Auction. Uzgorod, Ukraine
2003 “New Way” Group Art Show of Ukrainian Artists. Kiev, Ukraine
2000 Group Exhibition Bernard Bethel Centre for Creative Living. Toronto, Canada
Mel Lastman Square “Fun Day at the Square” Art Show. Toronto, Canada
1994 Group Art Show, Sobot Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1993 Group Art Exhibition, Art Interiors Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Group Show of New Immigrants from Ukraine. Ukrainian-Canadian Art Foundation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1991 Group Show, Safraim Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Group Show of Ukrainian Surrealist Artists, Lutch Gallery, Mukachevo, Ukraine


2014 Rogers Canada, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
2005 Extendicare Bayview Long Term Care Facility, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2004 York Central Hospital, Extendicare Long Term Care Facility, Toronto, Canada
2000 Dr. Lubov Zigan Dental Office, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1997 Restaurant and Theatre “Monte Carlo”, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1994 “Joe DiMaggio’s Wet Paint Café”, Toronto, Ontario, Canada