Gilles Marcou

Born in Montréal, QC in 1964, lives in Sainte-Adèle, QC.


"Marcou is an artist... by reflex, by conviction or by need of expressing himself; giving free reign to let spontaneity take control. His satisfaction is found with play of motions, shapes and colours.

Could a Marcou painting be created out of idleness? Surely not! One has to wonder how the artist reconciles his art with all of his interests: his son, collegiate teaching in multimedia, home, trips, the outdoors and such. He will not reveal his secret but certainly this man knows how to combine pleasure, work, leisure and painting.

When a scene draws his attention, does Marcou take a photograph? No, he pulls out a sketch pad. An inner force then pushes him to transform the drafts into paintings as soon as possible. He then settles in his studio to bring life to the images that haunt his soul.

Marcou was predestined to paint; his whole family drew. He remembers, during his youth, not so long ago, sketching caricatures then devoting himself to painting. Since everything interests him, he tries his hand at engraving, stained-glass, even writing and poetry. After such journey and experiences, it is not surprising to find his works in various galleries.

In his representation of birds as well as other subjects, Marcou manifests his own style. When told of his mastery in all themes, he states precisely : “The bird attracts me particularly...they speak to our inner selves and have an enchanting side. Birds are the only free animals that we live in harmony with. They bring life, colour and spontaneity to even the most urbanized settings.”

The artist does not impose messages in his art, the interpretation is left to the spectator. His greatest and only desire is whomever acquires his work draws hope, energy and a sense of well-being from it.

Incessantly renewing as to not repeat himself, Marcou considers each creation a new challenge: “Each painting becomes an exploration. When I start, I don’t know where it will take me. The instinctive gesture of the untried subject is my guide. I wait for the moment when the image comes to life. I go in search of perfection but to reach this ideal, I must remain honest, myself and respect my rhythm. I need to retain my freedom of expression.”

This freedom permits the artist to step back from the subject in order to transform authenticity into the Marcou genre. A style that retains a feeling and describes an atmosphere rather than depict reality. A style born from pleasure; the pleasure of creation. The pleasure of freedom.

After a moment with this free spirit, one could believe that Marcou is a bird."

By Michel Beauchamp

1993 Secondary and collegiate teaching certificat, UQAC
(Université du Québec in Chicoutimi)
1992 Visual arts certificat, UQAC

1996 Glass engraving
1993 Traditional construction and textile dyeing (Mali)
1989 Stained-glass

2007 Iris Gallery, 20th anniversary exhibition, Baie St-Paul, QC
Duo Exhibition, Long Island gallery, NY.
1995-1998 La Corniche Gallery, Chicoutimi, QC (poetry) duo with Serge Boily, sculptor
1994 Auto da fé 1, exposition financed by the Canada Council for the Arts, Montréal, QC
1992 Auto da fé 2, exposition financed by the Canada Council for the Arts , Chicoutimi, QC
Aperçus, UQAC Gallery, Chicoutimi, QC
Sur-faces, L'œuvre de l'autre Gallery, Chicoutimi, QC

1997 Desjardins prize 1997, glass engraving
1995 UQAC scholarship for the realization of solo exposition ALOURYAM
1992 EXPLORATION scholarship, Canada Council for the Arts
1992-1993 First and second prize UQAC poetry competition, Chicoutimi, QC

2007 Iris Gallery, «Quand on aime, on a toujours vingt ans », 20th anniversary album, page 90
2002 Journal de Montréal, octobre 26 2002 - "Calligraffitis et instants volés, by Paul Villeneuve.
2002 Journal Accès, Laurentides-Laval, septembre 6 2002, by Frédérique David.
1995 Radio interview, Lyne Boily broadcast, Radio-Canada, Chicoutimi, QC
1993 Illustrations for L'ÉTENDART poetry book, Éditions du Cénacle de l'Étendart, Montréal, QC