Hugh Malcolm


There is a Buddhist saying that parallels his belief in what one should bring to the act of observation – the activity of the mind is limitless for it forms the boundaries of life. The more spiritually open one is, the more receptive they are to both the subtle and dynamic, an interpretation of both image and emotion.

Primarily I do my work on canvas or board, using acrylic paint and varnishes. There are times that I incorporate the use of carving and including mixed-media to the work.


Hugh Malcolm's career has been in graphic design/marketing, having his own design studio as well as designing for a range of companies and associations – from book and magazine layout and design for General Store Publishing, the Canadian Nurses Association as well as Art Director for Ottawa Senators Hockey Club/Capital Entertainment. He produced illustrations for a variety of publications and magazines, working in a broad range of mediums.

His art training was taken at the University of Manitoba's Fine Arts Faculty, studying under Wlliam Pura and Dale Ammundsson.

In June 2007 Malcolm was invited to exhibit a collection of his paintings from private collections and new work at the home of H.E. Pavel Vosalik, Ambassador of the Czech Republic. His work will be shown on Regional Contact in the fall of 2008.

Rendering of one’s connectivity and awareness to the life-energy that flows through all things are now a conscious and integral component of Malcolm's work. The majority of his work is of scenes of nature, the rendering of a static visual of space and a sense of abstracted emotional reaction which he refers to as “Substrata” – the Energy within.



The Humm (Nov.05 Issue)
The Renfrew Mercury (June 12.07)
Ottawa Citizen (June 2007)
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