Hugo Frones


Hugo Frones was born in Uruguay in 1950 and immigrated to Canada in 1975. He is a self-taught artist living in Toronto. His work has been shown in Canada and abroad, in Spain, Uruguay, Argentina and San Francisco.

Hugo has been working from the late 1980's under the influence of abstract expressionism, and despite the complex formal relationships in his work, the overall tone and scale of his paintings are intuitive rather than cerebral and organized. Hugo works with acrylic paint on canvas and is very fond of warm colours, Mediterranean atmosphere, and spontaneous and intuitive brushstrokes of bold paint that gives the work its final touch.

2010 Gallery Can-Marc, Begur, Spain
2009 Almirall Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2008 Museum of Contemporary Art, Montevideo, Uruguay
2006 Jacob Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2005 Almirall Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2002 Museum of Contemporary Art, Montevideo, Uruguay
2001 Westdale Art Gallery, Hamilton, ON
2000 Galeria Can-Marc, Girona, Spain
1999 Teodora Art Gallery, Toronto
1998 Teodora Art Gallery, Toronto, ON
1997 University of Toronto, ON
1994 Gallery Can-Marc, Barcelona, Spain
1991 Art Dialogue Gallery, Toronto, ON
1990 Museum of Contemporary Art, Montevideo, Uruguay
1988 Midway Forum Art Gallery, Toronto, ON

2011 Stephen Lowe Art Gallery, Calgary, AB
2010 Museum of Contemporary Art, Montevideo, Uruguay
2008 Gallery Carme Espinet, Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona Art Expo
2007 Zilberschuck Art Gallery, Toronto
2004 Scope Los Angeles (with Toomey Tourell Gallery, San Francisco, CA)
Gallery Praxis, Toronto
2000 Gallery A.C.S., Nagoya, Japan
1999 Barcelona Art Expo (Gallery Matisse, Spain)
Teodora Gallery, Toronto
1998 Consulate of Portugal, Toronto
Latin American Horizons Exhibition at Scarborough City Hall, Toronto
1996 Gallery 133, Toronto
1995 Latin American Artist Network Exhibition, Gallery 306, Toronto
Gallery 7, Toronto
1994 Gallery Del Cardal, Montevideo, Uruguay
Gallery 133, Toronto
1993 Art Dialogue Gallery, Toronto
Gallery Matisse, Barcelona, Spain
1990 Henry Tannas Art Gallery, Mississauga, ON
1988 Canadian-Latin American Cultural House, Toronto
1985 Columbus Centre Art Gallery, Toronto

The Daniel's Corporation, Acquisition Prize, Toronto
Museum of Contemporary Art, Montevideo, Uruguay
Uruguayan Consulate in Toronto
Donald Trump Building, New York

Hugo Frones lives and works in Toronto, Canada