Ilona Biernot

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland. Currently living and working in Toronto, Ilona Biernot's works are found in private collections across Europe and North America. During her numerous visits to Italy and while residing there, Ilona became fascinated with the Old Masters whose works she studied in depth and who greatly influenced her approach to art. It was in Italy that she began to focus on portrait painting, developing her skills so as to be able to make her portraits studies of character.

Her portraits reveal the essence of her sitters, shedding their guarded exteriors, be they celebrities or simply lovers of art. Ilona Biernot's artistic quest continues in a series of paintings which blur the boundary between the past and present.

The works deal with themes taken from life and myth; topics which have engrossed artists throughout the ages. Through the use of modem symbols and motifs, she poses questions for which every individual has a personal answer.

Ilona Biernot breathes life into two-dimensional portraiture, finding power and sensuality in the discarded and the delicate. You are invited to enter this world, and by chance catch a fleeting glimpse of that which might be a reflection from within.

2008 Towne Square Gallery, Oakville
2003 One Man Show - Brush Gallery, Toronto
1998 One Man Show - Galileo Gallery, Toronto
1996 13th Annual Portrait Show - Francesca Anderson Boston
1995 One Man Show – Gallery Seven, Toronto
1994 Poetry on canvas - Bistro 990, Toronto
1993 One Man Show - Gallery 306, Toronto
1992 Wet Paint - Art & Exhibition, Charles Street Studio, Toronto
1992 Canadian Art by Polish Artist - City Hall, Toronto
1991 One Man Show - Gallery Pekao, Toronto
1989 Individual Show - Palazzo Frontini, Ancona, Italy