Jason Carter


Jason Carter lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta and is member of the Little Red River Cree Nation.

Jason Carter is one of Canada’s most exciting and accomplished visual artists. At the age of 31, he was the only artist in Alberta to have had a feature showing at Alberta House on Alberta Day at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and as such, was publicly acknowledged by the Honorable Linsday Blackett at an International Press Conference kicking off the event. Jason has had three solo shows in the past two years and has been commissioned by the Winter Light Festival two years in a row to design a billboard for their promotional campaign. His work has been acquired into dozens of private collections (Mayor Stephen Mandel, AFA, Alice Major, and Rogers Media to name a few) as well as several exciting public collections, including the Edmonton International Airport. On April 16, 2011, Jason launched his first children’s book, "Who Is Boo: The Curious Tales of One Trickster Rabbit” (based on the character inspiration of Nanabozho) at the Royal Alberta Museum.


“Being an artist who divides their time equally painting and carving, I have been gifted the opportunity to express myself through two mediums, stone and canvas, and both I approach with humor and optimism. In the world we live in, there is much to be cynical about, but I have found an outlet that I, myself, gather much joy and light, and am so fortunate to be able to pass that joy on. As a Aboriginal man from the Little Red River Cree Nation, I gather much inspiration from the stories passed on by elders within my community, stories that have evolved and changed, some documented, some not, but the essence of these characters are passed on through the years. As an artist, I am inspired by the essence of some of these characters and then, in keeping with the tradition of my indigenous roots, create new stories filled with wonder and morals, and bring them to life through my chosen medium, canvas and stone with written word.

As a contemporary Aboriginal artist in pursuit of becoming my true authentic self (in this ever evolving culture), I am aware that much of my craft comes from an innate ability that I have been born with, and believe this to be a blessing and a responsibility, both of which I take very seriously. I am continuously using my gift to create new stories inspired from traditional characters with my stone and canvas. I seek inspiration from the past as I create a bold and colorful future.“

2011 Jason Carter's "Who is Boo?", The Royal Alberta Museum, AB
2010 Group exhibition, Alberta House, Vancouver 2010 Olympics, BC
2010 Solo show, The Bearclaw Gallery, Edmonton, AB
2009 Nanabozho: the Tail of Giving, Catalyst Theatre, AB
2009 Capital EX, Edmonton, AB
2008 Solo show, Nanabozho: the Trickster Rabbit, Edmonton, AB


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