Marcelle Bonenfant Dube

Marcelle Bonenfant Dubé was born in Métis-sur-mer, Quebec, in 1938. In 1975, she left the
teaching profession to devote herself entirely to painting.
Having a strong passion for history and archeology, her research has been, for the past ten years,
almost exclusively based on Man, his history, the traces he left behind, his myths and beliefs. Her
study of ancient worlds has influenced the textures in her work, which often resemble ancient
Another significant theme addressed by Dubé is music. Through her choice of colour and the
bold energy of her brushstrokes, the artist seeks to create an equivalent to the emotion brought
upon the sonority and rhythm of a symphony.
Today, her work can be found in numerous public collections as well as many private collections
across Canada, Europe and the United States.

2000-1999 Modelling courses, University of Quebec, Rimouski
1989-1987 Visual Arts, University of Quebec, Rimouski
1975-1972 Bachelor’s degree in children’s rehab, University of Quebec, Rimouski
1968-1967 Painting courses, Quebec Academy
2009 Passion Musique, Renjeau Galleries, Massachusetts, USA
2006 Galerie Michel-Ange, Montreal, Canada
Galerie Clarence Gagnon, Montreal, Canada
2003 Galerie Clarence Gagnon, Outremont, Quebec, Canada
2001 Pavillon des Arts, Ste-Adèle, Quebec, Canada
2000 Galerie Clarence Gagnon, Outremont, Quebec, Canada
1996 Galerie Estampe Plus, Québec, Canada
1995 Galerie Basque, Rimouski, Canada
1993 Galerie Westmount, Montreal, Canada
1992 Galerie d'Art La Falaise, Sherbrooke, Canada
Galerie Estampe Plus, Quebec, Canada
1988-1990 Galerie Basque, Rimouski, Canada
1986 Michel de Kerdour Gallery, Quebec, Canada
1985 Michel de Kerdour Gallery, Quebec, Canada
Galerie Basque, Rimouski, Canada
Galerie Ambiance, St-Bruno-de-Montarville, Canada
1981 CEGEP of Rimouski, Art Gallery, Canada
1980 City Hall, Metis Beach, Canada
1979 Galerie Basque, Rimouski, canada
2010 Galerie Michel-Ange, Quebec, Canada
Boston International Fine Art (BIFA) Show, Boston, United States
2008 Galerie Michel-Ange, Quebec, Canada
2005-2003 Galerie Basque, Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
2002 Galerie Estampe Plus, Quebec, Canada
2001 Art Expo New York, New York, U.S.A.
1999 Musée Vaudreuil Soulanges, Vaudreuil, Quebec
Art Expo New York, New York, USA
Galerie Michel-Ange, Montreal, Canada
1998 Galerie La Régence, Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium
1997 Place Ville-Marie, Montreal, Canada
1996 Rockefeller Centre, New York, USA
1995 Musée du Bas St-Laurent, Rivière du loup, Canada
Galerie Estampe Plus, Quebec, Canada
Art ’95, New York, USA
1994-1995 Galerie Basque, Rimouski, Canada
1994 Galerie Estampe Plus, Quebec, Canada
Galerie Pauline Johnson, Montreal, Canada
Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1993 Image 54 Gallery, Calgary, Canada
1991 Artes Galerie d'Art, Montreal, Canada
1990 First Impression Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1989 Artes Galerie d'Art, Montreal, Canada
Galerie d'Art La Falaise, Magog, Canada
Galerie Estampe Plus, Quebec, Canada
1988 National Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
1983 Galerie Le Tournassin, Amqui, Canada
Academy of Music, Rimouski, Canada
1992-1983 Echange Art Westmount, Westmount City Hall, Canada
1982 Galerie Basque, Rimouski, Canada
Regional Museum of Rimouski, Canada
Galerie Coup D'Oeil, Rimouski, Canada
1981 CEGEP of Rimouski, Art Gallery, Canada
1978 Regional Museum of Rimouski, Canada
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2006 Artwork chosen for the advertisement of the Opera « La tragédie de Carmen »,
Théâtre of Rimouski, Quebec
2003 Artwork chosen by Société Radio-Canada (CBC Records) to be reproduced on the album cover of the disc Islamy dedicated to the Russian composers
2000 Illustration of pamphlet, posters and t-shirts for the Colorado Music Festival of Boulder, Colorado, USA
1997 Artwork selected by the Salon du livre (book fair) of Rimouski to be the Arthur Buies Prize to be given to a Quebec author
1993 Artwork selected by the Éditions Gaétan Morin for the cover of the book entitled « L’Entreprise Stratégique »
1991 Artwork selected by Reader’s Digest for the cover of the magazine (1992)
Le Collectionneur, Montreal, 10 - 1991
The Oakville Beaver, 05 - 1991
1991-1990 Cover page of the phone book for the regions of the North Shore, Gaspésie and Lower St-Lawrence
1990 Le Progrès-Écho, 11 - 1990
Professional member of the RAAV
Member of the Conseil de la Culture du Bas-St-Laurent, Quebec

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