Normand Boisvert


Born in the Trois-Rivières in 1950, Normand Boisvert is an artist passionate about the land. Primarily self-taught, Boisvert has been painting, exhibiting and teaching for over 30 years.

With a swirl of colour and texture his oil paintings evoke an emotional response. The movements of his brushstrokes echo the flow of the rivers and hills so close to his heart. His images are laden with paint, transforming the flat canvas into an almost sculptural depiction of the Quebec landscape.

His work is represented in several galleries in Canada, the United States and Europe and can be found in several private and public collections, including the Royal Currency Collection of Canada and museum Pierre Boucher of Trois-Rivières, QC.

1972 Ontario College of Art and Design

2008 "Boisvert, 40 Years of Inspiration", Maison de la Culture de Trois-Rivières
2006 "Ciel Ma Banlieue", Canal Evasion
2006 Galerie le Bourget, Montreal
2003 Stephen Lowe Gallery, Calgary
Galerie Perrault, Quebec
2001 Stephen Lowe Gallery, Calgary
2000 Moulin Seigneurial de Pointe du Lac
1998 Stephen Lowe Gallery, Calgary
Relais des Époques, Montreal
Musée Pierre Boucher, Trois-Rivières
Rendez-Vous Gallery, Vancouver
Galerie Perrault, Quebec
Echo Diffusant, Ottawa
1997 Galerie Perrault, Quebec
1993 Centre Culturel, Trois-Rivières
Galerie d'art, Ottawa
1991 Galerie Gala, Trois-Rivières
1989 Centre Culturel, Shawinigan

2009 Gallery on the Grand, Kitchener, Ontario
1999, 1990 Echo Diffusart, Ottawa
1998, 1997 Stephen Lowe Gallery, Calgary
1998, 1996 Galerie Livernois, Quebec
1998, 1995 Galerie Perrault, Quebec
1998, 1990 Relais des Époques, Montreal
1998 Musée Pierre Boucher, Trois-Rivières
Rendez-Vous Gallery, Vancouver
Cristallis Gallery, New York
1993 Galerie L'Heureux, Trois-Rivières
Galerie Martin, Florida
1988 Musée Pierre-Boucher, Trois-Rivières

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Musée Pierre Boucher, Trois-Rivières
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