Peter Panov

Peter Panov was born in Izevsk, Ural.
Graduated at Stroganoff Academy of Fine Art, Moscow

To contemplate the theme of Peter Panov's paintings is to enter the small door into his vast and incredible imagination. Panov depicts the iconic modern city of Paris of the 1920s and its thriving inhabitants at leisure. Some of his characters are familiar; you have met them in the cafés and on the streets of your own city. His paintings evoke the sensation of modernity and contemporaneity, and his cubist aesthetic enhances the timelessness of his subjects and style.

The avant-garde style of cubism was born approximately the same time that interests Peter the most, the early 20th century. By using elements of both analytical and synthetic cubist styles in his creations, he builds the aroma of that mysterious and stimulating epoch: when artists and musicians were gathering in Parisian cafés and instigating cultural revolutions in art, design, literature, architecture and music. Reminiscent of collage, Panov's paintings often mimic newsprint text that is characteristic of the period of synthetic cubism. From the analytical cubist style, he draws his flat forms and planes of color, which are assertively flat and yet simultaneously evoke depth.

Being a real master of brush, Peter embroiders his paintings with numerous rich details that make spectators consume every inch of the canvas. You may see someone moving behind the curtains, the stones could be alive and even the reflections in car windows and glasses of wine amaze you with their own stories. Peter’s paintings make us realize that not only do people shape the image the city that surrounds them, but that the city itself molds its dwellers.

Peter’s palette is rich and exquisite. His incredible ability to combine textures using either a palette knife or brush produces amazing results. It is a joyful experience to just gaze at his textures and well-combined shades of colors, which are vibrant and sophisticated. His images are full of character and fillings, warmth and charm. Peter knows how to wind the mechanism of our imagination and convert gray routine into the colored unpredictability of every moment. His ability to discover something special in every moment of life defines the genius that radiates from each of his masterpieces.

"I like spirit of those times and I want to bring back that life and transform it into another reality." - Peter Panov

2009 "...And All that Jazz...", Towne Square Gallery, Oakville, ON
2007 Towne Square Gallery, Oakville, ON
2005 Double T Gallery, Waterloo, ON
1996-1999 Spire gallery, Tel Aviv
1990 Kuznetzky Most Gallery, Moscow
1989 House of Union of Artists, Izevsk, Russia
1989 Torino Art Gallery, Torino, Italy

2008 Towne Square Gallery, Oakville ON
2005 Crescent Hill Gallery, Mississauga
2000 House of Associations of Russian Artists, Toronto
1999 Automotive Art Festival, Montreal
1995 Union of Artists, Tel Aviv
1989 House of Artists, Moscow

2003-2006 Artisans at Vineyard, Niagara on the Lake
Art & Craft Fair, Burlington
Art in the park, New Market, ON
Art and Artisans by the Lake, Oakville
Cabbagetown Art and Craft Sale, Toronto
One of a Kind Christmas Show, Toronto
Huronia Art Festival, Barrie
2002 Art Expo, New York
Cabbagetown Art &Craft Sale, Toronto
One of a Kind Christmas Show, Toronto
Huronia Art Festival, Barrie
Art in the Park, Oakville
2001 One of a Kind Christmas Show, Toronto
Huronia Art Festival, Barrie
Art in the Park, Oakville
2000 One of a Kind Christmas Show, Toronto
1993 Art Expo, New York
1993 Art Expo, Seoul, South Korea
1992 Art Expo, Tokyo, Japan
1992 Festival of Art, Jerusalem, Israel

City of Izevsk, Department of Culture, Russia
Stroganoff Academy of Art
Center of Youth and Cinema, Moscow
Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv
Spire gallery, Tel Aviv
Ministry of National Defense, Ottawa
Private collections in Russia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Canada, USA