Sara Rosen

Sara Rosen was born in the historical capitol city of Warsaw, Poland in 1960. Sara began exploring her artistic talent at a very young age enrolling in various community art programs. Taking art classes and ballet lessons she was able to grow in the beauty of the arts.

Through the study of still life, she learned to understand color, texture and the illusion of space, the place where inspiration and perception gave way to an enormous talent and admiration for the arts.

At the young age of 19, Sara decided to immigrate to Canada in the hopes of finding a brighter future. Young and learning to speak the language, Sara took comfort in what she knew best – her passion for the arts.

It was this natural talent and artistic ability that enabled her to develop her form of the encaustic technique. This oldest method of painting consists of mixing pure pigment with bee’s wax, creating soft texture and color. Diversity with all its fascinating avenues intrigues Sara and is evident throughout her work. The soft images of elegant flowers and simple fruit arrangements in a mysterious abstract background give the viewer a dream like experience. Sara will continue to explore new techniques, while refining and perfecting her skills.

Sara’s work is shown in many corporate and private collections throughout Europe, Canada and the United States.

Sara resides in Toronto Canada with her husband and children.

2007 Keystone Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
2006 Galerie du Parc, Ottawa, Canada, solo exhibition
2006 Artexpo New York
2006 Artexpo Atlanta
2005 Artexpo New York
2005 Artexpo Atlanta
2004 Artexpo New York
2004 Artexpo Atlanta
2003 Artexpo New York
2003 Artexpo Atlanta
2002 Artexpo New York
2002 Artexpo Atlanta